Your partner for hygiene

Hygiene plays an important role in all areas of life. The need for good health protection is crucial in many other situations of daily life. For this reason, we have made it our task as an online shop for hygiene to provide you with all the necessary materials for your health and to be available to you in the best possible way for your daily tasks.

Our Product Range for Your Hygiene

With us you have the choice of numerous articles with which you can professionally protect yourself and your surroundings. This starts with safe gowns and overalls and leads to the perfect disinfectant for industrial and commercial needs. In the following categories we offer you the desired comfort with our selection.


To ensure maximum safety while working, we offer a large selection of protective coats. You can get them from us in a wide variety of colors and protection levels, so you can find the right protective gown for every requirement. The same applies to our protective overalls. You will find what you are looking for both for single use and long-term use.

Breathing Masks

When it comes to the purchase of medically approved breathing masks, we are the right partner. We offer a large selection of certified KN95 protective masks, with which you can protect yourself and your environment in the best possible way. You receive these in large packages, which means that you are no longer bound to the high unit prices in classic retail.

Mouth Masks

For the classic mouth- and nose-covering masks, we offer you numerous variations with which you can provide the desired safety for yourself and your customers. The masks are suitable for all areas of application, protecting you from viruses and other droplet infections. A professional mouth mask is therefore always a good choice.


We offer a wide range of disinfection options so that you can easily create the desired hygiene for any application area. With large canisters, you have the desired backing for commercial use, so that you don't have to go to the shops every day to find new offers to take advantage of.

Safety Goggles

Suitable protective goggles are essential for optimal protection. In addition to a protective gown or overall, with suitable respiratory protection, it offers the necessary security so that contact with infected individuals doesn’t have to become a health risk. With our range we aim at your safety and offer you the appropriate safety glasses.

Ideal for Private and Business Use

In private use as well as in everyday work, it is very important to have a large selection for your projects. For this reason, as a shop for hygiene, we have set the goal for ourselves to supply you in all industries and areas of application and to make any workplace a bit safer. With the appropriate coats, glasses and many other protective devices, you are extremely well protected and can rely on professional usability. We are always up to date and offer you the latest products to increase your safety.

Highest Quality for All Articles

We rely on certified production and the highest quality for the packages we offer in the area of ​​mouth and breathing masks, but also for disinfection and glasses. This means that you only use safe and approved products with which you can benefit in the long term from a comfortable and well-thought-out application. Our products make it possible for you to always feel comfortable even with complex tasks and keep an eye on how you can improve the hygiene and cleanliness in your environment.

Much More Than Classic Cleanliness

Thanks to the universal approval of the cleaners and protective materials we offer, you can rely on our holistic compilation. This applies not only to disinfection, but also to our protective gowns and mouth and respiratory protection. These have also been tested under medical conditions and delivered convincing quality outcomes. In this regard, we are also the right partner for large quantities and equip you with all protective equipment for your daily use.

Make Your Place a Little Safer!

If you are looking for a professional dealer for all hygiene products, you are guaranteed to find it with us. We offer you a large selection and support you in trusting the right means and components at all times. Therefore, decide on the right face mask or choose your package of protective overalls and gowns. With us you always keep the control in medicine and nursing and know how to increase the safety of your workforce and patients. We are therefore pleased to be available to you as a dealer in the field of hygiene and to support you with our wide range of products.