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Your Partner for Hygiene & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Hygiene plays an important role in all areas of life. For this reason, we have made it our task as an online store for hygiene to equip you with all the necessary materials for your health and to be at your disposal in the best possible way for your daily tasks.

Our assortment for your hygiene

With us, you have the choice of numerous articles with which you can professionally protect yourself and your environment. This starts with safe gowns and coveralls and leads to the perfect disinfectant for industrial and commercial needs. In the following categories we offer you the desired comfort with our selection.

Respiratory Protection

When it comes to purchasing medically approved respirators, we are the right partner. We offer a large selection of the certified FFP2 and FFP3 protective masks, with which you can optimally protect yourself and your environment. You can get them in large packages, which means you are no longer bound to the high unit prices in traditional retail stores.

Covid rapid tests

Rapid tests can make an important contribution to greater consideration and safety for all of us in pandemic times. That's why we provide you online with carefully selected Corona antigen rapid tests for professional use and self-tests for personal use.


To help you establish the desired hygiene in any application without difficulty, we offer you a wide selection in disinfection. With large canisters you have the desired retention for commercial use, so that you do not have to search daily in the stores for new offers in the field of disinfection.

Mouthguards & surgical masks

For the classical mouth-nose-covering we offer you numerous offers, with which you can produce the desired security for you and your customers. The masks are suitable in all areas of use, protecting you from viruses and other droplet infections. Therefore, a professional mouthguard is always a good choice.

Safety goggles

Around an optimal protection also the suitable protective goggles may not be missing. Complementary to a gown or overall, it offers the necessary safety with a suitable respirator, so that even contact with sick people does not have to become a health risk. With our assortment we have your safety in mind and offer you the suitable protective goggles.

Protective gowns

To ensure the highest level of safety during work, we offer a wide range of protective gowns. We offer them in various colors and protection levels, so that you can find the right protective gown for every requirement. The same applies to our protective coveralls. Both for one-time use and for long-term use you will find what you are looking for.

Ideal for private and business use

Both in private use and in everyday professional life, it is very important to have access to a wide selection for your projects. For this reason, we have made it our goal as a store for hygiene to supply you in all industries and application areas and to make the workplace a bit safer. With the appropriate gowns, glasses and many other protective devices, you are excellently protected and can rely on professional use. We are always up to date and offer you the latest products to enhance your safety.

Highest quality for all articles

Around the packages we offer in the field of mouth and respiratory masks, but also for disinfection and glasses, we rely on certified manufacturing and the highest quality. In this way, you will only use safe and approved products, which will allow you to benefit from a comfortable and well thought-out use in the long run. Our products make it possible for you to always feel comfortable, even during complex activities, and to keep an eye on how you can improve hygiene and cleanliness in your environment.

Much more than classic cleanliness

Thanks to the universal approval of the cleaners and protective materials we offer, you can rely on our holistic approach. This applies not only to disinfection, but also to our protective gowns and mouth and respiratory protection. These have also been tested under medical conditions and were able to convince with their quality. In this respect, we are also exactly the right partner for the large demand and equip you with all protective utensils for your daily use.

Make your place a little safer!

If you are looking for a professional distributor for all hygiene products, you are guaranteed to find it with us. We offer you a wide selection and support you to trust the right means and components at any time. Therefore, you too can decide on the appropriate mouthguard or choose your package of protective coveralls and gowns. With us, you will always be in control in medicine and care and know how to extend the safety of your workers and patients. We are therefore pleased to also be at your disposal as a distributor in the field of hygiene and to support you with our range.