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A spit guard is also called a cough or sneeze guard. It is a special protective wall that can be attached to tables or counters. The special wall is designed to prevent unwanted transmission of viruses and droplets. With such a protective wall, you can optimally protect the most diverse areas of your company from viruses and even bacteria.

A spit shield ensures maximum hygiene

A flexible wall should be used wherever many people meet and come very close to each other, such as in the checkout area of a supermarket, in restaurants or stores. But also in bakeries, restaurants and bakery stores the counter tops are often found to protect food from viruses and droplets. In most cases, this is an attachment made of Plexiglas or acrylic glass. Get sufficient advice from a professional on which material and solution is the best choice specifically for your area.

Different partitions

Due to the variety of partitions, you will find a suitable model for each area. Some manufacturers offer you a foldable version. They can be used flexibly on a sales counter. A good alternative is a partition equipped with a pass-through. Thus, at a sales counter the transfer of money or food is possible at any time. Such a protective measure is not only useful in times of pandemic. Also for hygienic reasons you should protect your food sufficiently against droplets. Of course, your employees and customers are also protected from viruses, so that sufficient attention is paid to their health.

In many areas, such as bakeries and butcher shops, hygiene protection plays a particularly important role. In these food areas, the goods in the counter are sufficiently protected. But what about the food that is placed on the counter? They could become contaminated with viruses through sneezing or coughing. These are, for example, sauces or special offers that should catch the consumer's eye. With a flexible partition, these products can also be adequately protected from viruses.

New standards can be created with partition walls

Many checkout areas are already equipped with a suitable partition wall. To provide optimum protection for sales staff and customers, uniform standards should be created in all stores or supermarkets. The checkout area is one of the areas in a store where there is the most direct customer contact. Especially here you should attach importance to a high quality partition wall. In every supermarket or discount store, this area is very different. Therefore, there is a wide range of partitions that can be used as sneeze guards. If necessary, manufacturers also offer partitions that are made to measure. This ensures that the acrylic or plexiglass wall will not wobble or fall over. In addition, the movement of the seller is not restricted, because the wall is adjusted exactly to the working area of the seller.

Why are acrylic and plexiglass a good choice?

Many food vendors specifically choose acrylic and Plexiglas variants because this material is considered to be very durable and easy to clean. This material is only half as heavy as glass. In return, however, it is also considered 11 times more shatterproof. Some walls are additionally equipped with an antibacterial surface. The special hygiene protection can prevent a wide variety of droplet infections. The transparent walls can be easily installed in many workplaces. The partition walls are also well suited for offices, as there is sometimes a lot of public traffic here as well. Plexiglas offers the positive property that it can withstand high loads.

To ensure the best possible hygiene protection, the pane should be cleaned several times a day. Glass cleaners are very suitable for this purpose, which are applied to the pane with a kitchen towel. The special cleaner has the advantage that it can be applied quickly at any time and does not leave streaks on the wall. In addition, a partition system can be easily sprayed with a disinfectant without causing any damage. The disinfectant or an antimicrobial surface can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

What should be considered when buying a spit guard?

One of the most important purchase criteria is a light, robust and high-quality material. However, partition walls should also visually match the room. Depending on your needs, you can choose from counter tops, table tops, mobile stands, glass partitions or hanging protective screens. Thus, each area can be optimally protected. If panes or multi-skin sheets are used, care should be taken to ensure the appropriate material thickness. Some manufacturers offer solutions that are antimicrobial coated on one or both sides. Such models are equipped with a special certificate. The special health protection must have been confirmed by an independent testing institute. Many partition walls also feature high brilliance and light transmission. The view of customers and employees is not impaired by the protective wall.

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