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Air Purifiers (10)

Air purifiers improve the well-being of the inhabitants of the house.

Energy-efficient windows and doors keep pollutants out of your home. However, substances such as tobacco smoke, cleaning products, dust mites, dander and mold contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment. They have a negative impact on your health. Especially for allergy sufferers, these fine particles lead to significant adverse effects. Even regular airing is not always the perfect solution. If you suffer from indoor air pollution, a room air purifier is the device for you. It fights viruses and bacteria indoors and alleviates the suffering of people who suffer from respiratory diseases, asthma and allergies. As a result, the daily well-being is also improved.

Remove viruses and other sources of pollution with the air purifier.

The best solution to improve indoor air is to remove the sources of pollutants. A good way is to use an air purifier to remove bacteria and viruses, as well as unpleasant odors from your home. These devices will make sure that your family breathes clean air again. They also trap those allergens in the air that are released by pets. Your beloved cat, cherished four-legged friend are furry friends that release dander and other allergens. The various air purifier models help combat these allergens. They are captured before they settle in your home. They also help trap smoke from an open fireplace before it gets into your upholstered furniture and carpets. The units also trap the dust that keeps accumulating. You'll remove bacteria (up to 99 percent) from the air with your air purifier. Small particles such as pollen, mold spores and other bacteria floating in indoor air can make your family sick. By repeatedly passing the room air through internal filters, the unit helps remove approximately 99 percent of these airborne pollutants.

Other advantages of air purification devices

° The devices trap allergens
° They remove odors
° Contain the spread of viruses with air purifiers
° Capture dust
° Are available in different sizes
° Fit in all rooms
° The simple operation
° These devices are available in different models

These air purifiers also combat seasonal allergens. It is also worth noting that an air purifier can prevent the spread of viruses. True HEPA air purifiers with UV lamps capture and neutralize up to 99.97 percent of the airborne germs you want to avoid in your indoor air. With their battle against dust, pollen and dander, these devices give you peace of mind that you and your family will be spared from long-term respiratory problems. Another plus point these helpers earn is that they are available in different sizes. Moreover, the makes have various features that keep the air healthy in every room of the house. Moreover, the devices fit everywhere.

How do the air purifiers work?

The way the room air purifiers work is quite simple. As a rule, the air in the room is sucked with the help of a fan and passed through various filters (activated carbon filters, HEPA filters). In the process, even the smallest particles and pollutants are captured from the room air and cleaned in the device. The clean air is led out of the device again. The various manufacturers also bring models on the market, with which the air is humidified at the same time. 
TIP: It is important that you ventilate your rooms regularly, because the purified air is recycled air and not fresh air.

What are the air purifier variants?

True HEPA /UV-C air purifiers are usually more expensive than other makes, but they are worth it. Homeowners who live in areas with high allergen levels or have particularly bad reactions during allergy season are making a good investment with these units. True HEPA / UV-C air purifiers combine replaceable HEPA air filters with an ultraviolet germicidal light. As a result, up to 99.97 percent of airborne allergens and 99 percent of germs and odor-causing bacteria are captured.
HEPA air purifiers, which feature a replaceable HEPA filter, remove 99.97 percent of particles from the air in your home. These devices rid your home of pollen, dust mites and mold spores. These are the main causes of seasonal allergies. HEPA filters usually need to be replaced every three months.
Activated carbon filter air purifiers, use small, absorbent pores to trap pollutants as they pass through the filter. Air is passed through the activated carbon mat, purifying it in the process. Activated carbon filters remove odors, chemicals, and smoke from the air but not dust or allergens. You need to change the filter regularly (once the mat is hard) or its cleaning power will be limited. 

With a UV purifier, you remove bacteria and viruses from the air as well. Its ultraviolet germicidal lights kill the airborne germs. These room air purifiers work best in combination with HEPA air purifiers.
Ionic room air purifiers send streams of negative ions into the air, which attach to particles in the air. As a result, they are too heavy to remain airborne. Since most surfaces are positively charged, the negatively charged particles are attracted to the surfaces in the room and settle in the ionizer. With these devices, even the smallest particles are captured and odors are also bound. Since there is no filter, there is no need to replace one. There are some studies that show that ionized air can improve people's well-being, as it is better absorbed by the lungs.

In turn, the ozone generator neutralizes volatile organic compounds, such as odors. These devices also filter the ingredients of cigarettes, for example. You can recognize modern makes by the CE seal, for example.

What should I pay attention to when operating a room air purifier?

It is important that you clean or replace the filter regularly. If you have only one device, place it where you and your family spend most of your time. Place the make in a place where nothing can obstruct the airflow - for example, not near curtains. Run the room air purifier around the clock. Keep doors and windows closed during operation. When you are not in the room, set the unit to a high operating level. When buying, also make sure your favorite fits your room size and can perform properly.

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