AirQueen Breeze Mask - Nanofiber Filter Mask

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Original Air Queen Breeze FFP2 Respirator from South Korea.

Respirator for all day use, best suited for work and sports.

This respirator has a tested filter efficiency of up to >94%, is classified as FFP2 NR mask and carries the CE1008.
It protects against the smallest particulate matter, bacteria and also . The AirQueen and the AirCool do not lose their filtering efficiency when worn like other masks and can be additionally disinfected.
This mask is suitable with full protection also for athletes or all-day wearing at work and does not lose your filtering effect as, for example, meltblow masks.

  • Ideal for medical personnel, doctors, dentists and nurses.
  • Design Premium 3 layers, patented nanofleece
  • Packing unit Individually packed
  • Material non-woven, nanofleece, soft non-woven inside
  • Protection class FFP2
  • Filtering efficiency > 94
  • Breathing resistance inhalation 30 l/min 38 Pa,
  • Inhalation 95 l/min 117 Pa
  • Exhalation 160 l/min 179 Pa
  • Maximum use after open 7 days
  • Hygiene mask can be disinfected up to 10 times with 75% alcohol
  • Country of origin Korea
  • This mask is a be-safe-95 Air-Queen Breeze masks are classified as FFP2 NR according to EN149:2001, A1:2009 and marked with CE1008. They are a revolution in wearing comfort and breathing resistance.

Nano Filter : The nano fibers of Airqueen Breeze respirator filters +95% of particles larger than 0.1 micron.
The electrostatic "MB" filters of the other FFP2 masks only filter particles larger than 3 microns. Since air particles have a size of 0.004µm, you can breathe comfortably through the membrane.
FFP2 Marking : Both and FFP2 marking are printed on the single package as well as on the visible side of the mask.
25 hours filtering performance : Air Queen masks allow extended use for 25 hours (tested and validated by NELSON LABS).
Ultra Light - Comfortable to Wear : The thinnest and lightest material and its ergonomic 3D design make the mask suitable for any face. 3.71g light, the lightest mask on the market.
Individually un Sterile Packed : Take your sterilized masks wherever you want without any risk of infection. 100% original product.

Manufacturer: TOPTEC
Color: White
Mask classification: FFP2
EAN : 8809653770863

Item ID 310
Content 1 piece
Weight 10 g
Net weight 10 g
Dimensions 255×110×2mm