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Protective Gowns (19)

Protective Gowns and Accessories

With us you have a choice of numerous coats with which you can ensure the necessary safety for both medical staff and visitors. The gowns we provide are a good choice in all areas of application and are characterized by high manufacturing quality and excellent performance in the field of safety. In this way you will find what you are looking for and protect yourself and your environment.

What Makes Our Gowns the Best Choice?

The protective gowns we provide are blood, virus and waterproof. In this regard, you can rely on outstanding protection with every article and you can rely on it for professional use. Our shop offers you classic fleece coats with PE, but also high-quality designs with a combination of PE and PP. The gowns we provide meet all requirements and impress with their universal applicability. Thanks to the simple use, the gowns are also suitable for the visitors present, to enable hygienic handling and to keep control in medicine.

Numerous Advantages With Our Range

The extensive selection of gowns offers safe use in all industries. This makes it much easier to rely on the required quality and enable the desired application when hygiene requirements are increasing. The use as PPE for insulation is also an important feature for high quality and good workmanship, which is naturally offered with our coats. Together with the offers from our shop, you can expect far more than simply a large selection. We offer you the following advantages:

  • Robust manufacturing of all gowns
  • Universal applicability
  • Impermeable Material
  • Protective against viruses, blood and water
  • Easy and safe use
  • Purchase in large packages

Disposable Gowns for the Highest Hygiene Standards

Our coats are basically disposable, so there is no risk of virus accumulation or other health problems. Based on your needs, you will find numerous products and carton sizes with us, which means you will quickly find what you are looking for, both for 10 coats and for 100 or more products. Quality is the top priority for all items in our range, so you don't have to worry about their use. We make sure that we only offer tried and tested, medically certified gowns, which means that you can save yourself the time and effort of checking the suitability and quality.

Much More Than Medical Use

Contrary to popular belief, protective gowns do not only play an important role in medicine. Even in the increasingly growing area of care, functional and safe gowns are now indispensable, which is why we can always help with our range. The same applies to all other applications in science, which is especially true for pharmacists, virologists, biologists or chemists. All of these professional groups cannot do without suitable protective gowns today, which is why the right package from our shop can be helpful. Protection at work is no longer a challenge.

Our PEVA Gowns for Daily Use

Various PEVA gowns offer you an environmentally friendly, yet waterproof alternative to classic PE. In this way you protect not only yourself and your fellows by using the gown, but also the environment. If you have an alternative need for non-woven coats with PE and PP, you will of course also find what you are looking for. With our offer we offer the right solution for all applications and increase overall comfort. If you are looking for professional fleece gowns yourself, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Decide on the Right Gown

In this regard, you now have the choice with us which gowns are best for your needs. With regard to our selection, you have access to the appropriate variants at any time and can secure yourself in all areas of application. The non-woven gowns made of PE are excellently suitable both for medical needs and for use as visitor gowns. Therefore, rely on the high quality of our production and come back to us. If you have any questions about our gowns, we are of course at your disposal.

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