ViroMed VirX Virus Protection Nasal Spray

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ViroMed VirX antiviral nasal spray
The milestone from the innovation country Israel - virus blocker & virus killer.

The VirX™ Nasal Spray is easy to use and reduces the risk of infection by viruses with high probability.

Product features:
25 ml / 200 sprays (One pack lasts approximately 1 month).
25 ml content
Medical device
PZN 18326699

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1x VirX nasal spray
1x package insert

Antiviral nasal sprays can render coronaviruses harmless
Special antiviral nasal sprays contain additional substances that stop viruses and thus provide a second line of protection. For example, carrageenan (carragelose), a substance derived from a red alga, is used. Through a kind of electrostatic interaction, it prevents viruses from attaching to receptors on the mucosal cells and infecting them. The substance hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) can form a protective film and "encapsulate" the viruses, preventing them from penetrating and washing them away.

The active principle of the latest nasal spray relies on a mixture of HPMC, nitric oxide and citric acid. The citric acid is said to change the pH in the nasal mucosa, making it harder for viruses to survive. Nitric oxide (NO) is said to use a chemical process (nitrosylation) to alter certain amino acids and thus the function of the spike protein so that the virus is no longer infectious. The NO nasal spray is also said to fight viruses that have already infected the cells.

Item ID 327
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