AirClean AC-400 Floor Unit - TÜV tested

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AirClean AC-400 Floor Unit - floor unit
Floor unit for air purification (WHT) 350x640x200mm with integrated UV-C radiation and HEPA 14 filter system.

Mobile AC-400 air purifiers can be used in many ways to improve air quality. The BT.innotec AC-400 stand-alone unit offers 4-fold filtration. A pre-filter for coarse particles is followed by an activated carbon filter to eliminate odours. The HEPA 14 filter picks up particles 0.1-0.3 microns before the air passes two UV light sources whose UV-C radiation renders viruses/bacteria and fungal spores harmless.

Not only in pandemic times is this a great contribution to clean ambient air. Also in the annual cold season positive effects are known for a long time.

The device is easy to operate via a touch panel. The UV lamps can be switched separately. There is no danger from UV radiation for persons or animals present. The pollution of the air is measured by a particle sensor and indicated by a status LED (red/orange/green). The automatic mode keeps your air in the "green range". The noise level is between 36-55 dB at the highest fan setting.

BT.innotec combines with the AC-400 the advantages of HEPA filter and UV-C technology combined in one device!

Technical data:

Total power consumption: 98W max. 230V 50

Item ID 248
Content 1 piece