AirClean AC-2 Grid Panel - TÜV tested

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AirClean AC-2 Grid Panel
The AC-2 grid ceiling module (620 x 620 x 95mm) with integrated UV-C air cleaning system provides indirect, permanent irradiation of the circulating air with UV-C. No UV radiation takes place outside the system. No UV radiation takes place outside the system. Due to the encapsulation of the entire system, no UV-C radiation penetrates to the outside.

The effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 has been scientifically proven. Due to the high-energy and high radiation dose in the internal UV-C radiation chamber, an inactivation rate of up to 99.9% is achieved within seconds.

Due to the closed device housing of each AC AirClean product, its use is safe for humans and animals.

UV-C disinfection ensures hygiene and protects health without the use of chemicals!

At the same time, the AC-2 from BT.innotec is highly efficient. With a power consumption of only 18W max. (typically 15W), the AC-2 Grid Panel is extremely energy-saving. The AC-2 panel was designed for decentralized use and is suitable for 24/7 operation. In larger rooms, several AC-2 units are used in combination, ideally arranged in opposite directions to achieve the best possible air circulation. The circulating air of the AC-2 passes the 11W UV light source at a comparatively slow rate of approx. 60m³/h at an extremely short distance. Thus the circulating air is particularly highly dosed and thus effectively irradiated. The decentralized installation enables a more even and thus safer air exchange compared to centrally placed stand solutions. Whisper-quiet operation at a fan noise level of only 19.2dB is guaranteed with the AC-2 from BT.innotec.

As an option, BT.innotec offers a mounting frame for other hollow ceilings and also a subframe for its AC-2 grid ceiling module for the standard grid size 620x620mm.


  • Completely safe 24/7 operation of the unit, even in the presence of people.

Environmentally friendly

  • No use of toxic chemicals, harmful ozone or ionising particles.


Technical data:

Total power consumption: 18W
Power supply: max. 230V 50

Item ID 249
Content 1 piece