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AirClean AC-1500 Floor Unit - Modular high performance air purifier floor unit
Modular floor unit for air purification (WHT) 390x1050x390mm with integrated UV-C irradiation and HEPA 13 filter system.

Mobile AC-1500 air purifiers are versatile to improve the air quality. The BT.innotec AC-1500 high-performance air purifier stand-alone unit offers 5-fold filtration. A pre-filter for coarse particles is followed by an activated carbon filter to eliminate odours. The generously sized HEPA 13 filter with over 5.5m² of filter surface captures particles 0.1-0.3 microns after the air passes two encapsulated UV-C light sources whose radiation peaks at a wavelength of 254nm to inactivate viruses/bacteria and fungal spores. Before the filtered air is fed 360° 3D into the room, it is ionised (negatively) without ozone and is also passed through a module for air humidification by ultrasound.

Not only in pandemic times is this a great contribution to clean ambient air. Also in the annual cold season positive effects are known for a long time. With the AC-1500 you are also in the future by the multi-layered procedure in the best possible way advised. Optionally, the floor unit can be connected to an external fresh air supply. (Must be prepared at the factory when ordering)

The AC-1500 is easy to operate via a touch panel and can alternatively be implemented in the network via WiFi using an app. This also allows several devices to be controlled externally at the same time, which is extremely practical for use in schools or administrations, for example. The air quality is permanently measured and displayed thanks to laser sensor technology. This particle sensor measures the air pollution and displays it via a status LED traffic light (blue/pink/purple/red). The centrally located EBM Papst fan is adjustable in 4 stages in manual mode, and can alternatively be activated in automatic mode or timer mode for up to 12 hours. Thanks to the flow-optimised airflow, the noise level is between 23-58 dB(A) at the highest fan stage. Despite the high air flow of up to 1200m³, the device is extremely energy efficient with a maximum power consumption of only 145W. Thanks to the IEC power connection, individual cable lengths can be connected.

BT.innotec combines with the AC-1500 the advantages of HEPA filter and UV-C technology combined in one device for the highest possible degree of separation of bacteria, viruses & fungal spores!

Application area: medium & large rooms such as classrooms, restaurants, bars, offices etc.

Recommended room sizes: up to 120m² (with standard ceiling height 2.70m)

Item ID 247
Content 1 piece