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The new way to test


Sensitivity 95.00
Specificity 98.78
Accuracy 97.54

The EASY CHECK from Ritter at a glance:
- For the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in saliva
- Patient-friendly through non-invasive sample collection
- Rapid test results in as little as 4 minutes (depending on room temperature)
- BfArM-listed and the producer has a "prequalifi cation" with the
with the WHO
- For use by medical or trained personnel only
- PZN 17204586

One package EASY CHECK contains:
- 1 Test cassette
- 1 pipette
- 1 Specimen collection tube
- 1 Disposable bags for the collection
of sample material (saliva)
- Package insert

Extract from the EASY CHECK instructions for use:
The EASY CHECK COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test can be performed with posterior
oropharyngeal saliva specimens.

For posterior oropharyngeal saliva specimens: wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol.
Soap and water- or alcohol-based solutions. Open the container.

1. clear your throat, loosen the saliva from your throat and spit it into the container (about 2 cm).
spit it into the container (approximately 2ml). Avoid contamination
on the outer surface of the container from the saliva.
The best time to collect the sample is after the patient has stood up,
before the patient has brushed their teeth, eaten or drunk. 2.

Collect the saliva sample with the pipette. 3.

3. open the sample tube, put the sample in it and shake it to mix everything well.
shake it to mix everything well. 4.

4. take the test cassette out of the bag, put it on a table
and cut the protruding part off the top of the test tube.
Then place 3 drops of the sample into the sample well and read
read the result after 4-15 minutes, depending on room temperature. Fastest
results at room temperature between 18-30°C.

The company is a leading manufacturer of Lateral Flow Test
kits in China and is a research and development focused
Chinese biotechnology company that provides high quality in vitro
medical in vitro diagnostic (IVD) rapid test kits and revolutionary customized
revolutionary custom reagent kits,
and supplies them to all parts of the world.
The company was founded by a team of professionals with
many years of combined experience in the areas of engineering,
marketing/sales, operations and manufacturing in this industry.
founded. Their in vitro diagnostic lateral flow kits screen
for a broad range of targets, including infectious diseases,
tumors, cardiac abnormalities, drug abuse and fertility.
Thanks to the comprehensive quality management system, which
international standards (EN ISO 13485), a high quality of test results and
high quality of test results and accuracy.
Most of their products are CE and CFDA certified.


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