Clungene COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Corona Self Test - 5 pcs.

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Clungene COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Corona Test - 1 pack = 5 Corona Self Tests
Swab in the anterior nasal region, particularly comfortable sample collection

Details at a glance

  • BfArM approval 5640-S-168/21
  • highly accurate results in 15 min
  • diagnostic specificity: 100%
  • diagnostic sensitivity: 98.50%

The Clungen Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test is a lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigens in nasal swabs from individuals 7 years of age and older. Children 7-14 years of age should be tested by an adult (over 18 years of age). Persons over 65 years of age should seek assistance in performing the test.
The test provides only a preliminary screening test result. The result can help you and your healthcare provider make informed decisions about your care. The results of this test can help limit the spread of Covid-19 to your family and others around you.
People who have a negative test result and continue to have Covid-19-like symptoms should contact their healthcare provider. It is important that you work with your healthcare provider to understand the next steps you should take.

BfArM File No. 5640-S-168/21

Use this test:

If you have COVID-like symptoms, such as headache, fever, cough, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste, shortness of breath, etc.
If you are concerned that you have been exposed to Covid-19.

Result after 15 minutes
No equipment required
Result easy to read
Storage between 4 - 30C

Keep out of reach of children. Small parts of the kit may pose a choking hazard
Do not use this product after the expiration date has passed
Do not perform the test in direct sunlight
Do not use as the sole guide for handling disease

Item ID 253
Content 5 piece
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