Pulse Oximeter - Finger Oxygen Meter

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Pulse Oximeter - Finger Oxygen Meter
The fully digital fingertip pulse oximeter is based on digital technology and is designed for non-invasive random measurement of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin
(SpO2) and heart rate.

The finger oxygen meter is suitable for use:
in the family
in the hospital
in social medicine
in physical care
in sports
and etc.
The advanced DSP algorithm can reduce the influence of movement and improve the measurement accuracy in low perfusion.

Product Features:
Reliable accuracy and durability.
Automatic detection of finger position.
Automatically turn off after 8 sec without finger.
Small and lightweight, convenient to carry.
Low voltage display, real-time sampling.
Widely used in hospitals, home health care, family doctors, personal care, sports health care, etc.

Scope of supply:
Pulse Oximeter
Wear strap
Instruction manual

Item ID 281
Content 1 piece
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Dimensions 75×40×55mm