CURACID AKTIV - surface disinfection - virucidal - RKI, VAH

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Fast-acting alcohol-based disinfectant for all medical and hygienically critical areas. Ready to use. This disinfectant is very suitable for the rapid disinfection of objects and surfaces in medical and hygienically critical areas.
Curacid Aktiv is more extensively evaluated than Curacid Aktiv 2000.

This rapid disinfection is a disinfectant with alcohol. It can be used very well for spraying and wiping, the exposure time is only 60 seconds. It is well suited for use in dispenser buckets in combination with fleece cloths. Curacid Aktiv is also frequently used, for example, for quick toilet seat cleaning.

Curacid Aktiv is suitable for the disinfection of inventory, surfaces, furniture and all other alcohol-resistant surfaces.

  • highly effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • also effective against MRSA and Noro
  • very effective against viruses due to the high alcohol content
  • fast disinfection, exposure time only 1 minute
  • dries quickly
  • tested according to VAH guidelines, among others
  • Cucacid Aktiv and the alcohol-free variant Curacid Medical can also be used very well for the disinfection of mattresses, upholstery, carpets, shoe disinfection and other textiles. Other areas of application: Solariums, fitness equipment, massage tables, toilets, gastronomy, etc.

Also very suitable for use in dispenser buckets in combination with fleece wipes.

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Item ID 174
Content 1 liter
Weight 1065 g
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Dimensions 80×80×275mm