Regeno Nasal Spray Plasma Liquid Nasal Spray Gel

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Regeno Nasal Spray Plasma Liquid Nasal Spray Gel

Regeno's nasal spray is optimal for respiratory diseases caused by germs. The nasal spray gel is purely mineral and has a physical effect. It moisturizes, cleans and decontaminates the nasal mucosa to relieve pollen allergies or respiratory allergies. For safe use, it has been dermatologically tested for skin compatibility and mucous membrane tolerance. Plasma Liquid Nasal Spray is also ideal for children, allergy sufferers and diabetics, as there is no added alcohol.

Product features:
min. 2 years unopened shelf life
after opening durable for 12 weeks
exclusion of resistance formation
permanently applicable
non-toxic for humans and animals
against respiratory diseases like sinusitis
Scope of delivery:
1x Regeno nasal spray
1x package insert
Questions & Answers "Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel".
Why does the product smell like chlorine?
The odor and taste is caused by the special manufacturing process by electrochemical activation, during which the product is preserved with <0.06% sodium hypochlorite. By their nature, such hypochlorites are to be considered as chlorine releasers. As part of the body's immune defense system, corresponding hypochlorites are also formed by granulocytes (white blood cells), which fight pathogens as part of the cellular immune system. Thus, it is a natural procedure without any harmful effects. As a rule, one quickly gets used to the smell and taste, which takes some getting used to at the beginning.

Why do I feel a slight burning sensation? Why do I have to sneeze?
In case of a strong spray (irritation of the trigeminal nerve branches of the mucous membrane) and / or a sensitive nasal mucosa, as well as in case of severe acute inflammation, a slight burning sensation may occur inside the nose when the product is nebulized and thousands of small gel droplets are released. This accompanying symptom also subsides in the course of therapy.

What ingredients does the nasal spray gel contain?
The product is a mineral spray gel (lithium magnesium sodium silicate) with less than 0.06% sodium hypochlorite for preservation. These substances are not absorbed by mucous membranes. The physical effect unfolds on the surface and serves to harmonize the microbiome on the nasal mucosa. Thus, the product is completely free of substances foreign to the body, it does not contain addictive drugs, alcohol, or aggressive chemicals. Leading experts even approve the product for children and pregnant women.

Application "Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel".
Shake the products well before use!
Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel can be used 3 to 5 times daily, as needed, with 1 to 2 sprays per nostril. Shake the bottle well before use! Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel in the 20 ml tube is a daily ration for MRSA decontamination. For hygienic reasons and to avoid contamination, each product should only be used by one person.

Composition "Plasma Liquid® Nasal Spray Gel".
Water, sodium hypochlorite < 0.06% (electro-chemically activated mineral salt solution), lithium magnesium sodium silicate.

Item ID 326
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