iMask RPA-DE half mask with 2x FRPA P2 R filter

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iMask RPA-DE half mask with 2x FRPA P2 R filter

RPA-DE 2 half mask with two FRPA 2 particle filters is used in difficult working conditions with high/low temperatures, increased humidity, intensive prolonged heavy work and dust content in the working area up to 1000 mg/m3.


  • FRPA P2 particle filter DSTU EN143:2002
  • Soft textile band cap with comfortable adjustment.
  • Excellent compatibility with other PSM (goggles, face visors, helmets)
  • Ergonomic half-mask design and large viewing angle
  • Threaded connection: ensures quick replacement and secure attachment of filters
  • High performance exhalation valve: removes hot and humid exhaled air from inside the half mask, prevents condensation and lowers the temperature level inside the half mask. The exhalation valve prevents the penetration of dust and dirt.
  • A good fit: fit of the half mask for any type of face
  • Hypoallergenic material: does not cause irritation to the face
  • The adjustment buckle, which is covered by a soft cloth, does not rub the skin of the neck

Scope of application:

Protection against industrial dust (coal, rock dust), dust of animal and organic origin, welding smoke, oil mist, powdered pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

The RPA-DE half mask provides respiratory protection from the following polydisperse aerosols:

  • Mineral dust (coal, emery, cement, glass, lime, pigments and fertilizers, etc.).
  • Metallic dust (iron, cast iron, steel, copper, lead, etc.).
  • Vapors and mists: oil mist, welding fumes; metal fumes.
  • Radioactive dust.
  • Plant dust (hemp, cotton, wood, tobacco, flour, sugar, etc.).
  • Animal dust (wool, horn, bone, leather, flakes, etc.).


  • Application temperature of the half mask: from -30°C to +70°C, flame retardant.
  • The RPA-DE half mask size: for general use 2/3 (medium/large).

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x half mask
  • 2x filter

Item ID 362
Content 1 piece
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Dimensions 200×200×90mm