iMask RPA-DE half mask with 2x FRPA-C ABEK1 P1 filter

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iMask RPA-DE half mask with 2x FRPA-C ABEK1 P1 filter

The RPA-DE half mask with FRPA-C combined filter is designed for air purification of vapor and gaseous pollutants and aerosols. The FRPA-C combined filters are used at gas (vapor) concentration up to 0.1% by volume (1000 ppm) and aerosol content up to 4 MPC.


  • FRPA-C combination filter DSTU EN 14387:2006.
  • Soft textile band cap with comfortable adjustment
  • Excellent compatibility with other PSM (goggles, face visors, helmets)
  • Ergonomic half-mask design and wide viewing angle
  • Threaded connection: ensures quick replacement and secure attachment of filters
  • The high-performance exhalation valve: removes hot and humid exhaled air from inside the half-mask, prevents condensation and lowers the temperature level inside the half-mask
  • A good fit: fit of the half mask for any type of face
  • Hypoallergenic material: does not cause irritation to the face
  • The adjustment buckle, which is covered by a soft cloth, does not rub the skin of the neck

Scope of application:

Protection against simple organic gases and vapors with boiling point above 65°C, simple inorganic gases and vapors (except carbon monoxide CO), sulfur dioxide and other acid gases, ammonia and other organic ammonia derivatives, aerosols.

The RPA-DE half mask provides respiratory protection against the following polydisperse aerosols:
  • Mineral dust (coal, emery, cement, glass, lime, pigments and fertilizers, etc.).
  • Metallic dust (iron, cast iron, steel, copper, lead, etc.).
  • Vapors and mists: oil mist, welding fumes; metal fumes.
  • Radioactive dust.
  • Plant dust (hemp, cotton, wood, tobacco, flour, sugar, etc.).
  • Animal dust (wool, horn, bone, leather, flakes, etc.).


  • Application temperature of the half mask: from -30°C to +70°C, flame retardant.
  • The RPA-DE half mask size: for general use 2/3 (medium/large).

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x half mask
  • 2x filter

Item ID 363
Content 1 piece
Weight 353 g
Net weight 353 g
Dimensions 200×200×90mm