Covidbon Antiviral Lozenge

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Start where it makes sense - disinfecting the oral cavity with Clevergum's COVIDBONS.

COVIDBON is made up of natural, antiviral ingredients that significantly reduce the risk of infection.
Suck COVIDBON, breathe deeply, protect yourself and your fellow human beings.

Registered medical product
Strong against viruses
Pleasant taste
Short pleasure, long effect

The certified medical product COVIDBON contains natural ingredients such as essential oils in organic quality from the food sector. The antiviral effect of these ingredients has already been shown in vitro and is documented in numerous scientific publications.
Laboratory data show that the substances contained in COVIDBON inactivate and significantly reduce specific enveloped viruses. In a case series of curative trials with infected patients in an accredited German research institution, the exhaled air before and 15 minutes after sucking COVIDBON was examined under controlled conditions over a period of three hours with regard to the viral load.
In all patients, the viral load decreased highly significantly with at least one hour of effect time and a decrease in viral load of over 90% after sucking COVIDBON, no viral load was even detectable at various measurement time points after sucking.
The reduction of the viral load in the exhaled air lasted for about two hours. By inactivating and eliminating the viruses, the risk of transmitting infections that are released into the air via droplets when speaking, coughing, laughing or singing can be significantly reduced.
COVIDBON is to be seen as an additional measure to the known hygiene measures and can help to contain the spread of infections via aerosols.
In the manufacture of the product, the highest value is placed on natural ingredients.

With COVIDBON, sucking counts
The physical action of the COVIDBON medical product both stimulates the natural flow of saliva and releases antiseptic substances from the COVIDBON, which mix accordingly with the saliva.
This partially volatilising, physically newly created mouth rinse acts locally disinfecting in the mouth-pharynx-nose area and can, among other things, cause a reduction of the corresponding viral load as shown with COVIDGUM.

Item ID 302
Content 30 piece
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